Urban History Conference Paper

The European Association for Urban History’s 11th international conference took place in Prague at the end of August 2012. We were delighted to take part in the session on ‘Economies of Quality’ and the ‘Material Renaissance’: Comparative Perspectives on Material Culture Changes in Late Medieval and Sixteenth-Century Europe. Despite the sweltering heat the session was very well attended and contributions ranged from the role of the ‘upholder’ in the consumer culture of 15th and 16th century England; the contents of Jehan Aubert of Dijon’s inventory; small-scale portraits in 16th century Lyons; domestic decoration, tableware and fabrics in Bruges and Oudenaarde during the long sixteenth century and consumerism in 16th century Frankfurt on the Main. Full versions of all presented papers were provided to delegates on a USB and this copy of our co-authored paper: ‘The Material Renaissance’ and the Middling Sort: Domestic Goods and the Practices of Everyday Life in Provincial English Urban Houses’ is provided here:


Please note that this piece represents work towards an oral presentation and has not been professionally edited or proof read. We request that readers respect the ‘fair use’ principle if quoting from and referencing this work. A publication arising from the proceedings of this session of the conference is planned, which will contain a revised version of this draft paper.


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