‘Ritual and Routine in the Post-Medieval Home’

The conference ‘Ritual and Routine in the Post-Medieval Home’ supported by the Society for Post-Medieval Archaeology took place in York on 7-9 September 2012. This conference shed new light on the material culture of both routine and ritual practices in post-medieval vernacular houses. It was a superb event with a packed programme of fascinating papers. Congratulations to the organisers, Kate Giles and Chris King. We were delighted to be invited to speak and would like to thank the organisers for the opportunity to present a joint paper, ‘Religious ritual and routine work: spaces, activities and ‘focusing the mind’ in the early modern English house’. We attach a draft of our paper as it was presented here: DRAFT PAPER AS PRESENTED AT SPMA CONFERENCE 9 9 2012

Please note that this piece represents the content of an oral presentation and has not been peer-reviewed, professionally edited or proof read. We request that readers respect the ‘fair use’ principle if quoting from and referencing this work. A publication arising from the proceedings of the conference is planned, which will contain a revised version of this draft paper with full supporting references.


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